Testimonials about my work written by past and current clients and co-workers.

birth doula postpartum doula kaitlin coghill be always blooming

Michaela W.-G., Birth Client

"A thought came to me one day almost 7.5 months pregnant with my second baby: 'I need to hire a doula.'  It was the farthest thing from my thoughts but I did some Google research and found Kaitlin. My first baby and I haven't left each other's side for 2.5 years and I knew it was going to be so hard for her to not be with me while I was giving birth to her brother, as well as at the hospital. The next best thing was my husband. With that in mind, I needed someone to support me while my husband was caring for our daughter. Well, let's just say once I called Kaitlin and explained my long thought out story and process for why I needed her, without any hesitation, Kaitlin, being a mom of two herself, totally jumped on board and supported me in every way possible! I really wanted to also do a non-medicated birth, which was very nerve wracking for me as I didn't with my first, and again, every time we met, Kaitlin provided me with nothing but information, answered all my questions and provided a tremendous amount of support. She made me feel like a super hero :). When it became game time, she was right there just how I envisioned it, everything went perfectly, and I reached every goal I had for my birth. I owe it all to her. ♥"

birth doula postpartum doula kaitlin coghill be always blooming

Melanie M., Birth and Postpartum Client

"I can’t even imagine what my first pregnancy would have been like if I did not have the support of Kaitlin during and after I had my son. She is such a wealth of information. After just one meeting with Kaitlin, my fiancé and I felt more prepared and knowledgeable than we did after taking a four-week course at the hospital. I had an incredibly long induction and Kaitlin stayed by my side the whole time. She brought such a sense of calm to our room and made sure that I was 100% comfortable with every decision I had to make, always letting me know what my options were. After having my son, she made it possible for me to take the time to really relax and connect with him, making sure I was fully equipped with all the necessary tools. I am forever grateful to her for making my first pregnancy and the first few weeks with my son as special and as comfortable as she did."

birth doula postpartum doula kaitlin coghill be always blooming

Erin H., Postpartum Client

"Kaitlin is amazing. She was able to help keep my one-year-old occupied so I could devote time to breastfeeding my little guy. Kaitlin assisted with numerous things from folding laundry, helping the newly potty trained toddler get to the potty in time to being a listening ear while I dealt with postpartum anxiety. As a third-time mom I thought I would have it all down, yet when I struggled, Kaitlin was there as a professional and friend to assist us. She helped our family tremendously in making the transition to a family of five. I really don’t know how I would have done it without her."

birth doula postpartum doula kaitlin coghill be always blooming

Christine P., Postpartum Client

"After the sudden death of my mother just before the birth of my second child, Kaitlin reached out to me and offered support. When I learned of her postpartum doula services, I knew this would be beneficial to me. I was very much impressed with Kaitlin’s professionalism and initiative as she assisted with various household tasks such as folding my baby’s laundry, dishes, heating up lunch for my toddler, and even making sure my cup of coffee was always hot. I had no idea how much her services would mean to me in those first weeks after my baby’s arrival. The emotional support she provided as I mourned the loss of my mother while elated with the arrival of our little girl allowed me to be present and assisted me in avoiding that feeling of isolation when you’re breastfeeding your newborn around the clock. Kaitlin was also available by text message or a phone call if I needed a word of encouragement. I highly recommend her postpartum services."

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Christopher Hanneke, Former Editor at The Vista

"Kaitlin is a tremendous leader for many reasons. For one, she knows how to delegate without ever coming across as too pushy, thus making it easy to carry out tasks she assigns. On top of that, she is a leader by example. She works hard at every task she ever faces and, as a staff member, it is impossible to not respect that drive and give your own best effort as a result. I can honestly say that I am only comfortable stepping in to fill her position because she prepared me with every tool I could ever need, and that is a testament to her natural ability to be a leader and a teacher."

writer editor blogger kaitlin coghill

Kyle Strickland, OurHive

"Kaitlin Coghill is a highly experienced writer and editor. Recently, her expert writing skills helped me evolve my family-oriented brand's online presence with a perfectly balanced set of blog entries. As long as it is Kaitlin wielding the pen, I look forward to working with her."